How Elmira will spend $14M from COVID rescue plan funds

Kimono R Pablo

The City of Elmira’s coffers are freshly flush with $14.1 million in funding from the American Rescue Plan Act, the $1.9 trillion package designed to help the nation recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elmira leaders began pondering the best ways to maximize ARPA’s local impact shortly after President Joe Biden signed the legislation in March. Last week, the city turned in its work.

The Elmira City Council approved an internal committee’s recommendation of how to disperse the first round of ARPA funding. The list includes investments in infrastructure like broadband access, direct support for home and business owners, and “premium pay” bonuses for city employees who served on the frontlines of the pandemic response.

“We’re definitely grateful we received these funds. We’re going to put them to good use for all our taxpayers and everyone is going to see a benefit,” said Mayor Dan Mandell.

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